Monday, May 6, 2013

RunDisney - Fail!

I came here to write a happy post.  I was about to say, I am SO excited that RunDisney has just announced they will be adding a 10k race to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January.

Like any good blogger, I went to the RunDisney website to get more information, maybe even a pretty picture of someone in much better shape than me running in a cute costume, to post with my entry.

And then I saw it.

Walt Disney World 10K - SOLD OUT


Don't the folks at Run Disney KNOW that I can't run more than a 10K?  Don't they know that no matter how many times I've tried, I just can't finish Half Marathon training?

Seriously, y'all the race was just announced within the last month (and it really feels like it was just last week).  How can it already be sold out?

I'm so depressed.