Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm Famous*

*And by famous, I mean a famous person is following me on Twitter and that makes me famous by default.  Suck it, Tommy. 

Did you get the memo that I'm figuring out how to work Twitter? I posted it earlier this week, but not on the blog, so you might not have gotten it.  Anyway, I'm learning how to effectively follow people, tag them, use the # sign appropriately.  I've even started my own Twitter campaign to get the Disney Social Media Moms Conference to invite me to attend the 2014 Conference. That's right - all of that has happened in the last week.

So, after learning that I have figured out how to use Twitter and knowing how gosh darn funny I am, it should come as no surprise that I have a famous follower: The Bloggess.  She is HI. LARIOUS.  Perhaps you know of Beyonce the Giant Chicken? Yes, that's The Bloggess.  And now she's following me.  GOOD LAWD.

And now I can die happily.

Peace out, yo.